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Having the leverage of being consultants for multiple Fortune-1000 companies across the world, the ITCorpZ Staffing teams over the years have been able to create a strong pool of resources, spread across areas of experience and expertise, as well as technologies and business verticals.

Our stringent screening methodologies during the process of resource acquisition have consistently given us access to high quality resources and holistically developed and mature professionals that satisfy each facet of the requirements of our clients.

Typically, we follow the following procedures to ensure our resource pool is always up-to-date and apt to be offered to our clients' unique requirements.

  • Prescreening to validate candidate credentials
  • Acquire high-performing employees from across the marketplace
  • Conduct rigorous criminal background checks and drug screens
  • Provide comprehensive orientation programs
  • A strong ongoing resource development program to upgrade and update resource skill sets
  • An up-to-date, learning database with a strong bench of consultants to cater to any immediate requirement

Furthermore, IT CorpZ provides resources that are specialized in a variety of skills, spread across technologies, hence improving the project efficiencies in both time and costs.

We specialize in the practice of recruiting and resource management and apply this expertise across a breadth of technology stacks. Our IT staffing services are designed to provide our clients with optimal staffing solutions that accurately assess and manage all resource requirements enabling the core team to effectively focus on critical assignments and effectively execute their responsibilities. These recruitment processes are constantly updated in order to meet the ever-growing requirements of the industry.